Collets are primarily used for clamping or securing workpieces or tools in a machine’s spindle or chuck. There are different types of collets, including round, hexagonal, and square collets, as well as specialized collets for specific applications. Collets are often made from materials like steel, brass, or plastic, depending on the application and the required level of precision. Collets are known for their high level of accuracy and concentricity, which ensures that the workpiece or tool is held securely and runs true with the machine’s axis.  To use a collet, it is inserted into the machine’s chuck or spindle, and the collet is tightened using a collet nut or wrench, which compresses the collet around the workpiece or tool, providing a strong grip. Collets are widely used in metalworking, woodworking, and other precision machining processes. They are essential for tasks like drilling, milling, turning, and grinding.  Collets offer several advantages, including quick and easy tool changes, excellent workpiece/tool stability, and repeatability in machining operations.


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